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In 2011 I recorded a CD ('ALPHABETA' released 2012) of music composed using the letters that spell words for the notes of each piece. For instance the melody of "Defaced" went D-E-F-A-C-E-D.

The nine tracks on this EP were first sketches, demos and out-takes. Some I rejected purely for (what I now see as relatively minor) flaws in the recording or performance, some because I recorded two versions of the "word" and chose the other for the album.

Ironically, I feel these abandoned takes hold together more cohesively than the original album. There's a continuity of sound and approach (a sort of spaghetti western jazz) that was missing from the hodge-podge approach of the official album.

"So many great poets exercise in form; the subtle limitations account for limitless variations on a theme. Toronto’s BABEL apply similar sensibilities to experimental ambiences and continues a prolific legacy. These two discs complete an Alphabeta trilogy where form meets concept and words become instrumental music. Outskirts, a collection of original demos and sketches, is an honest look at an artist itching an idea to blissful satisfaction. On Organizm, BABEL has embraced the inevitable drone of this mad experiment and allowed a brilliant idea to take control of the creation. This series of recordings is pure synthetic authenticity." ~ Weird Canada


released February 18, 2015

Jakob Rehlinger: Guitar, bass, keyboards, drums.




all rights reserved


BABEL Toronto, Ontario

1999-2017. Kosmische ambience, electro-acoustics and guitar drones by Jakob Rehlinger.

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Track Name: ACE DECADE
It's possible this episode of Scooby-Doo I saw as a child was the subconscious inspiration for this project.

The Diabolical Disc Demon:
Ace Decade is the nephew of the owner of a music studio. He is a Caucasian male with dark brown hair and wears glasses. Ace Decade is disloyal, sneaky, jealous and conniving. Decade was smuggling records out of the studio in trash cans in order to sell them for personal profit. When a music writer, Tony Symes, realized his actions, Ace disguised himself as the Phantom and kidnapped Symes, locking him in a cupboard in the cafeteria. Decade attempted to mislead the Scooby gang whilst they attempted to solve the mystery, leading them to a tape recorder wired to the intercom in his office in order to give the appearance he was being framed. However, Symes left a clue which was Decade's ultimate downfall; his last piece of music spelled the culprit's name in the first three bars: ACE DEC ADE.
Track Name: CAGE
In some ways this whole project is dedicated to John (as in Cage).
Track Name: A FADED CAGE
Sometimes we feel trapped but, in time, the cages fade.
Track Name: BAGGAGE.02
Unlike the BAGGAGE on the original album, I think this one sounds more like emotional baggage.
Track Name: A DEAD AGE
We're living in it, baby.
Track Name: DAGGA
Dagga may refer to:

1) Cannabis sativa, an annual herbaceous plant in the Cannabis genus, a species of the Cannabaceae family
2) Leonotis leonurus, more commonly known as "wild dagga"
3) Dagga (percussion), the stick used on the bass end of a dhol
4) Daggering, a Jamaican dance
5) Dagga is a name for mud plaster
Track Name: DECAF CAFE
I bet someone could actually make money with a café specializing in decaffeinated beverages. That's just the kind of world we live in.
Track Name: BABE FACED
There's a sinister juxtaposition between the title and the noir mood of the tune. Like some "babe-faced" girl was found dead, wrapped in plastic.
Track Name: FACADE.02
As with the album version (my favourite piece on 'ALPHABETA'), there's just something about the notes F, A, C, D and E that go together in near perfect harmony. Actually, it is perfect harmony and some pretty basic music theory, but I'm sure you get my meaning.